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New Forums + New Server IP Address

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RobotJuice, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. RobotJuice

    RobotJuice Founder/Owner Founder / Owner Administrator

    Hello, welcome to the new Survival Games Forums.

    The new site address is Survival-Games.net
    The new game server ip is Play.Survival-Games.net

    Things to note:
    • Forum Skin will be worked on.
    • You will have to create a new account.
    • Survival Game Stats may be reset. I will know tomorrow.
    • Adam_Mills is now a head moderator
    • MVP and up can build in the new Creative World
    • Permissions will be updated.
    • Da_Emperors(jay) has been fired.
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  2. simonbob13

    simonbob13 Member

    Not to be a bother, but why change the IP? I'd think it was something simple, like for the domain instead of actual IP, or for a server with more ram (memory), or even because the old one was run by the Staff member who was fired. However, I asked in-game, and wasn't given a straight answer. Being secretive and confusing isn't a good thing when trying to please potential donators, you know.
  3. BlueappleS

    BlueappleS New Member

    The new server is hosted on a better server host, the old server host was spotty at best. Also Robot wanted more slots (104 more) then the old server, and there was not enough space. Whats the big deal its the same server but way better with a new world and a new map. Robot put a lot of hard work into this new server and its not really your business what happened to jay.

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  4. RobotJuice

    RobotJuice Founder/Owner Founder / Owner Administrator

    Eventually i will post a thread explaining everything. As of right now i do not have enough time. There is still a lot for me to get done.
  5. Trifactor

    Trifactor Retired Retired Staff

    Me gusta even though I haven't played yet. But what happened to Jay? Seems like he disappeared from the face of the Earth.
  6. NightOwl863

    NightOwl863 New Member

    If you read Robot's post, it says that Jay was fired
  7. Trifactor

    Trifactor Retired Retired Staff

    R.I.P. Jay
  8. simonbob13

    simonbob13 Member

    I thought he was fired...who said he died?
  9. adam_mills

    adam_mills Well-Known Member

    he didnt, it was a joke <_<
  10. Jkjk10

    Jkjk10 New Member

    I got Temp. Banned from the server For An unknown reason For 2Years!!! I was wondering if i could get unbanned or atleast get told why is was "Temp. Banned" ....
  11. adam_mills

    adam_mills Well-Known Member

    please place this in the correct play, mainly ban appeals
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